Mission and Vision



Build a sharing platform to connect resources; Power IT industry’s development with quality services.


Attract talents and strive for excellence to create a world-class IT service provider.


Professional service, integrity, execution and innovation.

HYDSOFT puts customers’ interest at the forefront of its operations. We deliver customized solutions and resources to meet customers’ expectations. We listen to our customers – anticipate their needs and consistently meet and exceed their expectations. We will continue to create long-term value for our customers and partners.

Integrity is the foundation of HYDSOFT’s sustainable development and the key driver to our business operation. HYDSOFT management team are willing to go the extra mile to be open to the employees and keep our commitments to the customers to create an ethical organizational culture and earn HYDSOFT more growth opportunities.

A company’s competitiveness derives from its strong execution. With our expert team of strong execution, HYDSOFT is able to offer quality, efficient and professional IT services to our customers and translate our delivery into actual profits and results for our customers.

Innovation is the soul of HYDSOFT’s survival and success. Over the years, HYDSOFT is keep driving technological, system and operation innovation, bringing employees’ creativity into full play and enhancing our hard power, so that we are well positioned to stay at the forefront of technology and product development.

Going forward, HYDSOFT will continue to uphold the operating philosophy that the success of HYDSOFT comes from the success of both our employees and our clients. Therefore, it is our obligation to build a workplace where the employees find their job to be motivating and fulfilling. HYDSOFT also strives to align our operating philosophy with our partners’, further improve our productivity and quality, actively expand the market share, diversify our business models, and realize our overall growth targets.